H O L D O N I A M H E R E :)

What do you do when you are in everyone’s spotlight?

This is a big question, that one needs to answer. For which one needs to understand how spotlight works? How do you tackle the situation when you are under everyone’s spotlight? When we are under the spotlight of people, we need to take few precautions so that the spotlight doesn’t misjudge us. One can say that the point of view of the spotlight becomes a general point of view about us. Everyone starts judging us on the basis of the previously laid out point of view. Here we should try to portray to the spotlight what we want our image to be in the eyes of the world. Because, at the end of the day, what you show is what people remember you by.

The Partern Spotlight At Friends

For instance, while in a party with your friends, you wish to render your image of a person who is very cool and spontaneous, then you will have to portray those characters. A few times down the same road and you would be known to your friends exactly the way you wanted to. On the contrary if you are actually open to ideas, but to match your compatibility with your group, you try to adapt to their ideas, then you are damaging yourself. In this case you might be able to please them for a while, but you disregard your own spotlight. And even if one person in the group knows you well, looking at your changed behavior, this person would disregard you, thus losing their confidence in you.

To be socially significant, one should try to be true to oneself and portray only those traits that they want to show to the world, instead of being pretentious. On the same lines when you are under the spotlight of everyone at your workplace, you should try to demonstrate your capabilities in full capacity. Apart from your professional competencies, you should also be able to showcase good professional conduct in the office atmosphere. As your conduct reflects a lot on the kind of person you really are. These spotlights take note of smallest of things – good or bad.

Retirement Spotlight

In line with this thought, one should not forget that everyone’s spotlight doesn’t spare us even when we retire. To be able to counter this spotlight, one has to plan their life after retirement. In which case, people around you do not change the point of view for you. The planning should be done in a manner that your identity is not hampered in the eyes of this spotlight. Keeping a strong financial support for your post-retirement plan is equally important to lead the retirement life peacefully and with contentment. Imagine you are still living after you retire, but how will you counter this spotlight of people after your death?

Have you ever given this a thought, as to what kind of an image do you want to leave behind? One should think about this aspect too. You need not worry; the solution is very simple. Practice the traits of the image that you want to leave behind you when you are healthy and alive. The more positivity you spread with your behavior and traits, the more positive image you leave behind. Be positive and spread happiness throughout the course of your life. The spotlights and the situations are not difficult to handle, rather the solutions are very humane and practical. If we try to incorporate these solutions, then not only would we be able to counter these spotlights, we would notice a change within ourselves.

Ideal Behavior Spotlight

Moving on, few advices or thumb rules that I would like to share with my readers are, first, whatever the location or situation be, you should not let go of the notion that some spotlight is on you. Once you know that you are conscious of this fact, you will automatically start altering yourself to be able to progress in life and be content. Second thumb rule is, to be conscious of your actions in any setting as the spotlight may also be of people who are in the learning stage of life. They might pick up your actions and way of life, which you might not want someone to follow. Third thumb rule, respect everyone around you – a child, parents, relatives, friends, teachers, employees, colleagues, so on and so forth. Above all respect yourself. The day you start respecting yourself, things would start falling into place automatically.

Secrets to Sucess

Try to bring in one change at a time in yourself and you will see the world change around your, a change in perspective of the spotlights that surround you. All the above-mentioned advices would help you in countering the spotlights that are all around you. Once you start implementing the advices, you will be able to device more advices for the people that you would want to guide or be a personal mentor for. These are but a few basic advices to start with, for more elaborate advices one can talk to their life coach and mentor.

The personal image consultants, personal mentors or life mentors can help you identify these spotlights and the ways to be prepared to face them. These people mentor in real life situations and help one take the path of contentment and fulfillment in life.