H O L D O N I A M H E R E :)

What do you do when you are in everyone’s spotlight?

A spotlight is a concept, of whose presence, we are quite unaware of in our daily lives. Many times, though we know some form of spotlight is focused on us, we tend to shove away the concept. This happens as we are unaware of the impact that the various spotlights have on our lives. I would like to ask my readers if they are aware of the impact that the various spotlights have?

Children Spotlight

To us, a type of spotlight might be minuscule but, it might be capable of creating larger impacts on our lives – for good or for bad. Take the smallest spotlight, the spotlight of children. This spotlight is based on a fact that – ‘a child learns what he/she observes.’ Right from the day that the child is born, he/she picks up everything that happens around him/her. We might be unaware of this focused gaze but, the impact of it is felt one the child grows. The impact is in the form of the traits and behavior that is displayed by the child. This behavior can impact the image of the parents or the family members in a good or bad way.

Good and Bad Habit Spotlight Impact

While displaying immoral traits might negatively impact parents, a display of good manners can reflect nicely on the upbringing. Many people think that they are not being given due importance or, that no one gives due credit for the hard work they put in. We may think that no one is watching over us in our respective workplaces, but the fact is that every single person in that place has their eyes on us. The observations made by these people become the deciding factors for our failure or success in life. Not just the spotlight of your workplace but the spotlight of technology determines the factors for one’s success.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we are always under the spotlight of technology. With our growing dependence on technological aids, we are completely falling into the clutches of technology. With the help of equipment, technology succeeds in keeping a tab on us the whole time, even without our awareness. The most common example is that of CCTV cameras, that are installed at every nook and corner these days.

A simple search on a search engine accumulates data on the web, which is recorded and could be used against us. The spotlight of technology can even define the character of a user, with the help of various social media networks. We don’t realize the gravity of the situation, but the spotlight of technology through social media and other web-based activities also accounts for our success and failure in life.

Technology Spotlight

Like technology, our elders and the people who we look up to for guidance also have their spotlights on us. These people determine the extent and the kind of guidance and support that we are liable to get. With their observation of our behavior towards them and in various situations, they gauge us and guide us accordingly in life. Most people tend to ignore this spotlight in life, they think that it wouldn’t matter if they surpass these elderly and wise people, but nothing leaves unnoticed when it comes to the spotlight of the elders.

These elders along with people that we meet through the journey of life always keep us under their radar. Through the spotlight of the events, that is the people we meet during various events, we can establish the kind of brand value that we would want to create. Our behavior and traits become determining factors of our brand value in the eyes of people.

Brand Value Spotlight

The spotlight of brand value is such that if it is scarred once, then it takes a lot of time and effort to regain. The impact of the brand value is that it determines our level of satisfaction in life. If we can establish healthy brand values then we tend to spend our lives satisfactorily. It becomes very important to be aware of the kind of brand value that we would want to be associated with. Both a positive and negative brand value impacts our lives greatly.

We might think that when one retires, they are free to live their lives as they want. But postretirement there are so many spotlights watching over, that one feels the load in spending each day of their retired life. This is the spotlight after retirement if you do not plan your postretirement life, then this spotlight might be a reason for distress for you. If you can plan your post-retirement life while still employed, you might be able to reap benefits off of these spotlights, thus creating satisfaction and tranquility in life.

Like the spotlight doesn’t spare you after retirement, it doesn’t spare you even after death. This spotlight impacts the way a person is remembered after his/her death. We can relate that the impact of the spotlight after death is also determined by the spotlight of events and brand value. The impact of this spotlight is such that you could eternally live as a good or a bad person in the eyes of the world. This depends on the kind of brand value that you create for yourself. The fact remains - spotlight of people’s eyes never spares you. Not even after death. So be aware and cautious of all the actions you perform throughout your life.

What we forget is that there is one spotlight that always judges us and impacts us personally. This is the spotlight of the self. This is one’s own spotlight and impacts life in the form of satisfaction and happiness levels. If we are not able to make ourselves happy, then the accumulated wealth is rendered useless. One should keep judging oneself using this spotlight and keep making the required changes. This will impact our lives positively and we would be able to live with all the happiness in our hearts. Though we are unaware of it and it is mostly hidden, there is one more spotlight that impacts our lives greatly and is hidden throughout.

This spotlight is the spotlight of the almighty, that keeps an eye on every single action of ours. If we bear in mind the presence of this spotlight in our lives, then we would be able to make those small changes in our lives. Through which we would be able to reap benefits out of the observations made by this spotlight.

Spotlight with Mentor or Life Coach

In a nutshell, one has to be ready to face any and every spotlight through the course of life. This becomes important as the observations of the spotlights can impact and alter our lives to a great extent. An image consultant, life and leadership coach or a personal life coach can help by giving their valuable advices and referring good self-development books and personal development books, thereby helping one track the progress of self-improvement.

To be able to understand these spotlights and control the impacts of these to benefit you, a life coach or a personal mentor can be of great help. They can help you in identifying these spotlights and thereby tell you ways to hack them!