H O L D O N I A M H E R E :)

In the current lifestyle, we often tend to pay less consideration to our health. By health I mean both our mental as well as our physical health. With this fast paced life and a rat race to acquire success and wealth, people forget to take care of their health. You can often hear people saying that there is no time for them to exercise, run or do any physical activity, thus depreciating their physical health. Similarly, with the ongoing professional stress people unknowingly induce stress in their personal lives too. This largely affects our mental health.

To progress in life one needs to have a sound mental and physical health. This is important simply because if you are fit on the inside then you would be fitter on the outside. This will help you in performing your daily activities dexterously and without stress. To maintain a sound mental health one needs to adopt a positive attitude. Soundness of health is essential not only for your professional life but also for your personal life.

A key - If you have sound mental health then you would automatically work on your physical fitness. And, if you are physically fit, you will be able to tap mental health quite easily with my advice. For, mental and physical health goes hand in hand.


What is Fitbizz?

Fitbizz is a platform, with the help of which people can understand the importance of physical and mental health in their lives. Your health holds the key to your success in your work life - business or entrepreneurship ventures. With my help, not only would you understand its importance, but would also see a change by implementing the advice.

Our Focal Areas

To open the doors of your mental and physical health, to use it to its full potential; and in order to harbour benefits from it in your work life as well as personal life, we focus on three keys - Exercise, Yoga and Meditation.

Yoga and Meditation help you in unlocking the potential of your mind by improving the mental health. These concepts are gaining popularity now, but are very scientific in their format. Both Yoga and meditation are based on your breathing activities. The concentration required to sit for meditation and maintain the Yogic asanas for a certain time help in developing one’s focus.

Similarly, exercise when done in an adequate format helps you to be fit and active. A common mistake that we all make while we exercise or go to the gym is that, we aim on all other things except for getting FIT. Irony! So exercise well and be fit, the rest will automatically fall in place. Everyone is unique and the exercises would also have different impact when compared with others.

In life it is very important that more than anything you focus on achieving the best of mental and physical health. If you are healthy you will be enhance the quality of your life.