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Business Coach

In today’s world only the paranoids survive. Running a business can often feel like a very solitary pursuit. But with a new day comes the new strength and the new thoughts and new people.

Today, the world is flooded with knowledge over the net that can help any business owner solve basic problems pertaining to running a business. But every business is unique and generic advice is hardly a suitable substitute for personalized guidance.

To cater to this requirement of a budding entrepreneur, a business coach or an entrepreneur guru is approached.

Understanding The Term

Understanding The Term

A business coach is someone with an understanding of business, how to run it and what hurdles a person faces while doing business. They can get you desirable results in your balance sheet.

How they help

How they help

Business coaches can help build a new business from the ground up, advising executives and owners as they go through the process of setting up their business, defining its mission and goals, and putting in place both long-term and short-term strategies for the business.

What separates a coach from a mentor?

Many people don’t understand the distinction between a mentor and a coach. While these positions might seem similar, there's actually a world of difference between the two.

"Mentors," for one thing, don’t usually follow a fixed schedule or require payment. They help with strategic issues, answering questions for founders without actively participating in company operations.

"Coaches," on the other hand, are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They are typically paid and operate on, a fixed schedule to help entrepreneurs make themselves better. Mentors offer great advice; coaches ask great questions.

Topics Covered by a Business Coach

  • Refining your business idea and testing it in the market place
  • Choosing and setting up your business structure
  • Importance on defining and finding your target market
  • Branding 101 and overhaul’s – where and when to start, and how much to spend
  • How to launch and effectively use your website to make more sales
  • Defining your tone of voice and how to roll it out across your business
  • Effective content creation strategies, timelines and execution
  • Planning and implementing marketing strategies across all platforms
  • Developing engaging social media content and strategies for online following growth
  • Refining your sales and advertising plan, budgets and implementation strategy
  • Streamlining your business logistics & back end administration systems
  • Goal setting and measuring your business growth
  • Setting up lead generation and sales funnels
Topics Covered by a Business Coach

Business Coaching Statistics

Satisfied owners who have worked with business coaches to develop and grow their business are quick to talk about the many benefits and advantages that they enjoyed throughout the process, and several different surveys have been conducted highlighting the results of such services.

Just a few meaningful business coaching statistics from these surveys include:

  • A 2001 study by Manchester Inc. showed that businesses who employed a business coach saw an average return on their investment of 5.7 times the amount that they paid for the coaching services
  • A report conducted by the Personnel Management Association showed that executives who received both coaching and training were able to increase their productivity by 86% compared to a 22% increase in productivity by executives who received training alone
  • A Hay Group study showed that 40% of Fortune 500 companies make use of business coaching to train and develop their executives
  • A study conducted by MetrixGlobal LLC showed that businesses who paid for coaching saw a $7.90 return for every $1.00 spent on those services.
  • 53% of business owners and executives report that it increased their productivity.
  • 61% of owners report that it increased their job satisfaction
  • 23% of executives report that business coaching helped them reduce operational costs
  • 22% of companies report that business coaching increased their profitability
  • 67% of business owners and executives report that business coaching increased their teamwork skills within their business
  • Statistics such as these shine a spotlight on the real-world value that business coaching is able to offer.
  • Like anything else your business spends money on, coaching services are an investment – on that surveys and studies show time and time again to deliver significant returns in a variety of key areas.