H O L D O N I A M H E R E :)

Do you know who is watching you every day?

In life everyone has their own way of going about the day to day activities. We might be under the radar of some judgmental eyes while going about our daily chores and still be completely unaware of it. However, do you know that at every second of our life and even after that someone or the other watches over us? That, someone takes note of each and every action of ours? If not and you are keen on knowing about this secret, and the secret of success, then do not worry and read along!

Right from the day we step into this world, some or the other eye has a constant watch over us. Now one might be curious as to, who is this that watches over us every day? Look around, all the people present around you observe you and watch you for every second that you are in there contact. These pair of eyes, observe and opinionate about you. There opinions contribute to form the general point of view that people have of you.

The Family Spotlight

These opinions about you are created by your near and dear ones who see you and watch over you practically the entire life. These people are in the form of one’s parents, grandparents, children, spouse, siblings and to an extent some blood relatives. These people watch you right from the day you were born. By your actions and behavior these people decide the extent to which they might help you grow in life. This is just one layer of people who have their constant gaze on you.

The Group Spotlight Building Champions

Then comes the second layer comprising of people who you often meet during various gatherings and events. The group of people present in these gatherings, known or unknown, watch over you. They tend to notice every small step you take; right from how you carry yourself to how you interact to how you behave, so on and so forth. These lead them to make minute observations about you and make them public. This image that is created during such events, stays in the mind of the public in general for a very long time. So be cautious while in any gathering, because now you know all the eyes, consciously or unconsciously would be watching you.

The Student Spotlight At School Life

You might think that the list would end here, sadly no. This list keeps growing as we progress through the various phases of life. While in school and college, the eyes of our teachers, guides and personal mentors are always on us. Their observations help them decide, if we are eligible to get their full support and help to achieve success in life. Along with these eyes are the eyes of our colleagues in school or college. Right from the day we enter our institute, all these eyes keep watching us. They keep seeing our every action. Which leads to the formulation of our image in the minds of our teachers and fellow students. On the basis of which, the teachers decide their extent of guidance and fellow students their friendship.

The Employee Spotlight At Work Life

This image and the reflection of the guidance that we get in our study years are followed onto our work life as well. In our workplaces, whether we are business owners or employees, every individual has their eyes affixed on us. Even a single mistake, done unknowingly might prove to be fatal to one’s career. That is why one should be very careful of their actions and behavior when in the workplace. To achieve success in life, one should remember that they are being watched by every single person in the office and that they should be conscious of their actions.

All these people in different situations and phases of life keep an eye on you. This gaze of the people is like a spotlight, which is stuck on you from your birth, which keeps following you in the formative years to your work life. The people don’t leave you alone even when you retire or bid farewell to your life. This is one layer of the secret that has been revealed to you. Now you know the layers of people that you are watched by day in and day out, throughout the course of life. To counter these and live a happy and content life, be cautious of your actions at every step and situation. And above all, be ready to face ‘em all!

The second secret is not to do with the eyes of the people directly, but with the eyes of the technology. In the technologically governed world, all of us have some form of gadget in our hands for the most part of our days. These gadgets belonging to the smart world are linked to the web directly or indirectly. The gadgets help in accumulating a record of everything related to us over the web. This record can then be used by people who know their ways around the world of the web, phish over it and use the records to their benefits. These are the people who have their eyes on us indirectly. All of us are well aware of one form in which technology watches over us.

This form is the CCTV that is being installed in every nook and cranny. We might not know yet about it but all our actions are watched by the eyes of the CCTVs in any public area. The reason I am trying to point out these technologically driven eyes is that one should be aware of them. Everyone should be cautious while using the web, they should take all measures of security while working over the web. And also, be cautious of the kind of behavior that one opts for in public places, as it does not take long for the people to watch what has already been recorded by the eyes of the cameras.

The Soul Spotlight At Alone Time

Let us get on to the third secret. Even when you think that no one is watching you and that you act simply as you want, at that moment also you are being watched. Creepy, right? Life is no house of horrors. I am talking about our soul that watches over us. This gaze of self, determines the extent of happiness in our lives. We might have to do a lot of things in life that we detest, or we do them for the immediate benefit – monetary or otherwise. But in the process, we forget that our actions affect us the most. Certain actions may be the cause of distress in life, while some could lead us to success. In short, our actions should be in response to success habits.

One should aim to make themselves also happy in life along with pleasing the others, to lead a life of contentment. Your conscious is one that you should be able to please the most. Which we don’t understand when we are young, but this is one thing that starts bothering us as we grow. One other thing that we should bear in mind is that when we know that no one is watching us even then the almighty watches over our actions. The rewards of the observation of the almighty come in the form of pleasures and obstacles in life. Many of us term it as Karma.

In a nutshell, you are being watched by every person you meet, the almighty and even by yourself. To crack the path to a successful and content life is to be fully aware that you are being watched and judged at all times. And that you need to be prepared to face any situation that comes your way at any point of time in life. To be able to counter all the people who watch over you a little better, take advice from your personal mentor or an image consultant. Consulting a life coach or an executive life coach may help you uncover the secret of success by means of their guidance. These people help you in identifying the people who watch over you at various steps of life and how to tackle them in every situation in your favour. Through my book Eye am spotlight, I share some nuances of various types of spotlights, which could aid in self-improvement. It is a self-help book which will take you on the path of success in life.