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Best Business advise from author and coach Bhavik Sharma

Bhavik Sharma is one of the top business coaches, a life coach, an image consultant in India. He recently debuted as an author (of a book – Eye am Spotlight). He has been helping aspiring ambitious business professionals for quite some time. He helps them enhance their capacities and capabilities, guides them and helps them to bring out the best in them. He aims to guide people so that they can grow professionally as well as personally.

To Bhavik one’s identity also influences their business life. For the same reason, he helps passionate entrepreneurs to build their brand and personal image to achieve success in their ventures. According to him a life without passion has no meaning. He helps people to set a mission for themselves and create a vision to fulfill their mission. He takes each day as a new challenge to build on strengths and eliminate weaknesses (one at a time). For him, the source of his motivation to get moving every day is ‘I am on this earth for some purpose and I have to fulfill it anyhow’. Similar to his he wants people to find their purpose and strive to fulfill it at any cost.

To him, the concept of sleeping is also a waste of this precious time in a person’s life. He says that ‘We are going to sleep after we die; why sleep when we live?’ This particular statement hides his advice for all his readers and followers, that one should be determined to live life fully. Make use of each and every moment and opportunity that comes your way. Tap into every knock on your door, you will have ample time to rest once you achieve what you aimed for. For entrepreneurs seeking guidance to achieve the required determination and orientation towards business goals, a business coach is of great help. Bhavik has helped a lot of aspiring people by coaching them to achieve their goals.

With a lot of experience in the field of business coaching and being a businessman himself, he can empathize with his clients. Experience is a very important element when it comes to business or coaching. Without experience, a coach has no credibility for the guidance delivered to the clients. All his experience enables him to spark the element of determination and accountability in his clients.

To him, an entrepreneur’s personal image is equally important as the brand image. he practices what he preaches, to him his personal life is at par with his professional life. There is no tug of war for prioritizing the two segments of life going on with him. He resonates that finding the balance is imperative and has certainly managed to do it. With his skills and expertise, he enhances and polishes the skills of his clients or mentees so that they can excel well in their respective fields.

With his great vision and passion to serve and help others, he has made his name in the list of business coaches in India. His advice to entrepreneurs is to boost their self-esteem, until and unless one has rock-solid self-esteem it becomes difficult to face certain situations that the business realm throws at them. He not only concentrates on boosting self-esteem with respect to the business but also in personal life by giving a boost to the lifestyle. lifestyle carves a person out, improvement in lifestyle definitely brings about a change in the attitude for business as well. Besides both personal and professional life should go parallelly. Aspiring businessmen should also indulge in activities that help in destressing thus improving the overall mental health and personality.

In the world that we live in, with an abundance of knowledge all over the web, it is easy to cater to a menial issue that the entrepreneurs face. But there are also times when the entrepreneur finds himself or herself all alone with nowhere to see. At moments such as these, a business coach can help in listening to the issue and chalking out the strategies to counter the issues. Like every business is unique, in the same way, the issues and pitfalls are also unique to different businesses. It is advised in such cases to consult one of the top business coaches so that they can help in giving advice and drafting a plan that is tailor-made for your business and the related issues.

Entrepreneurs should take business coaching as an investment in themselves. Any intelligent investment done towards self-development or your business development would definitely prove to be profitable in the longer run. A business coach will not only polish an entrepreneur’s skills but also be there to help whenever the hurdle makes its way.

In a nutshell, if we narrow it down to Bhavik’s expert business advice, it is as follows –

  • Get up and get going
  • Start building your self-esteem by the minute
  • Develop your vision
  • Set your mission
  • Brand your identity – personal and professional
  • Never waiver off your goal
  • Stay determined without giving your personal life a back seat
  • Pursue other interests – destress
  • Strategize well, plan well and achieve the highest of goals in life!

With his expert advice in place, and the guidance of a business coach in life, all the aspiring, passionate entrepreneurs or seasoned businessmen are sure to win over the hurdles to reach the summit of the goals set by them.